It is our job is to shoot once in a lifetime photos, but there is joy shooting such memorable moments in people's lives. Recuerdo photographers have a genuine love for photography, and we share this love by presenting images to our clients which they can cherish forever.

Yashi's start in photography began with Daido Moriyama's "Stray Dog." Seeing that photograph awakened in him a passion and love for photography. That was a point in his life where he was out of work and no real direction. Knowing absolutely nothing about photography, Yashi applied for a job at a photo studio near his home. He got the job. In the beginning, he made one mistake after another and was scolded everyday, but his newfound love of photography never waned. The excitement he felt while looking at the world through the lens was intoxicating. Shooting pictures everyday, spending all of his time in the dark room while neglecting everything else... those really were the good old days. Fast forward nine years. Yashi, former Chief Photographer of Recuerdo Tokyo, no longer makes those mistakes, or has anyone scolding him, but the feeling of excitement of looking at the world through his lens is still intoxicating.
Charles always loved snapping photos with his point and shoot film cameras, but for a long time never had the opportunity to seriously pursue photography. After shooting wedding videos for 4 years, he jumped at the opportunity to join Recuerdo and take on the challenge of wedding photography. Initially shooting both photos and videos, he eventually embraced becoming a full time photographer. Documenting important events in peoples lives is stressful, physically demanding, but rewarding. After 5 years of shooting stills, the goal of creating photos that resonate emotion is greater than ever.
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